Working with business

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Why does EPSRC want to work with business?

We need to understand the wider context into which our research and training investments fit. This means understanding the commercial research landscape and long term capability needs of business, in order to feed these into our own strategy and decision making, to ensure our portfolio delivers high levels of impact. To facilitate this impact, we also seek to connect business with academia to ensure that the outputs of our research and training portfolio are fully exploited. We see business as a key source of intelligence when developing our strategic approach.

Why should business work with EPSRC?

We work in partnership with its stakeholder communities to develop a national strategy for academic research across our portfolio. We have in-depth knowledge of the UK research landscape with deep connections to the academic community and can help you find potential partners.

You can also access our existing portfolio of world class research. Our rigorous method of assessing funding proposals sets a benchmark for research quality, and we currently support around 4,000 investments totalling in the region of £4.2 billion.

Our portfolio managers have a science and engineering background that can help you navigate through the wealth of information available to help you select the most appropriate partners. Engaging with a programme of research from the beginning by co-creating it allows your company to shape the research and thus increase its benefit to your company. Furthermore, any direct financial or in-kind contribution you make to the research programme will be recorded and is taken into account when considering future business strategy and activities.

Our flexible funding arrangements provide many opportunities for businesses and other organisations to interact with internationally-leading UK universities.