Competency Framework

The Competency Framework has been developed to support all of us within EPSRC so that the organisation is fit for the future and able to achieve its mission and vision by anticipating and responding to changes ahead.

The Competency Framework describes the behaviours that staff at all levels need to demonstrate to deliver high level performance and explains HOW we do things at EPSRC. The competencies have been developed in consultation with EPSRC staff and are written in a common sense language. Most of us will already be demonstrating many of the competencies required for our role.

The Competency Framework will provide us with consistency across EPSRC, a common language and a clear description of what behaviours are expected from all of us. It will be used to develop and manage staff and will be integrated into everything we do.

What are the competencies?

A competency in this context "is … the behaviours that employees must have, or must acquire, to input into a situation in order to achieve high levels of performance."