Collection of research outcomes

For tips about what and where to report this year in researchfish® see the bottom of the graphic on this page.

Robust data about the outcomes and impact of our investments is essential to EPSRC. It informs the development of our strategy and enables our Council to make the strongest possible case to government for continued substantial public investment in science and engineering.

Outcomes include (but are not limited to):

  • Publications
  • Leveraged further funding
  • Commercially valuable intellectual property
  • Creation of new business/employment
  • Influences on public policy
  • New products/processes/methods
  • Training of future research leaders

EPSRC (and each of the other UK Research Councils) uses researchfish® to collect summary records from principal investigators describing the outputs, outcomes and impacts arising from our grants.

Records can be added at any time after a grant starts, and must normally be brought up to date at least annually during specified ‘submission periods’.

The next UKRI submission period date can be found on the UKRI Research Outcomes webpage.

The requirement to report outcomes in this way normally lasts for five years after a grant ends. Because transparency is important most of the information submitted to EPSRC via researchfish® is made publicly accessible on the UK Research and Innovation Gateway to Research (GtR).

Students supported through EPSRC training grants are also expected to report their outcomes using researchfish®.

Further detail about researchfish®, how the UK Research Councils use data collected by the system and the consequences of not submitting outcomes information when required is available in the research outcomes section of the UK Research and Innovation website.

The UK Research and Innovation Research Outcomes Support Team (0800 2922 478) is the first point of contact for non-technical/policy queries relating to UK Research and Innovation funded awards on researchfish. For technical support, please contact researchfish® directly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are available providing information for grant holders, students, supervisors and training managers.



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* Don't forget to appropriately update the free-text descriptions of 'impact' contained in any previously submitted outcome records.