Communicating research outcomes

Why communicate?

Whilst the main priority of scientists and engineers is their research it is still important to communicate the potential outcomes and actual achievements of their work. Pathways to impact encourages researchers to think about this from the beginning when they are submitting their original grant proposal.

There are many aspects of communication that can lead to benefits for researchers and others.

Publicity can help to:

  • Raise the profile of research both inside and outside the scientific community
  • Attract research funding or interest in collaboration from organisations and companies outside the research network
  • Generate public support for an idea or inform a policy issue. It is increasingly important for both the general public and decision-makers to be well informed on scientific issues.
  • Inspire future generations of scientists and engineers and increase scientific literacy
  • Demonstrate that public funding of research is money well-spent

How to communicate?

It is worth remembering that good publicity reaches a general audience and should be understandable and accessible to everyone.

If your research is at a stage where you think you have something to tell the world, you should contact your university press office. They can offer help and advice, and issue press releases which can be picked up by print, TV, radio or internet journalists. They will consider a number of questions to decide if it will make a good news story:

  • What is new or unusual about your story?
  • Why should people care?
  • Is it cutting edge research?
  • How will people or society benefit?
  • What difference will it make?
  • Who should be interested, and why?

Even if your research does not meet the criteria to make a good news story there may be other ways of highlighting the outcomes that your press office can advise on.

Your university press office should be your first point of call.

The EPSRC press office can also offer help and advice, working with your university press office.

EPSRC Press Office, 01793 444404

Acknowledging EPSRC funding

Please help us to make sure that continued funding for engineering and physical sciences research remains a public priority by mentioning us when you publicise your research project. Under our standard terms and conditions for research grants (see EPSRC Funding Guide for more information), investigators must acknowledge the support received from EPSRC.

You should include our logo on publicity materials like brochures, leaflets, posters and websites (and also link to the EPSRC website), this is a quick way to acknowledge our support. The EPSRC logo is available to download in comprehensive range of formats suitable for most applications.