Getting started

Grant Offer Document

If a proposal is successful, an electronic offer document will be sent to the research organisation's administrative authority who is expected to provide copies to all investigators and any other interested parties. The offer document sets out the funding awarded, the dates on which the project should start and end and the terms and conditions on which the grant is made.

The administrative authority will also be sent an electronic Offer Acceptance form which must be completed and returned within 10 working days. Once the Offer Acceptance has been received, a Start Confirmation form (formerly a Starting Certificate) and a payment schedule will be sent out electronically. Once the project has started, the administrative authority will submit the Start Confirmation via Je-S as notification that the research has started. Receipt of a valid start confirmation activates profiled payments.

Start Date

The start date of a research grant will normally be the day on which work commences on the project. The start date for payment will be:

  • Research grants with staff: the date on which the first Directly Incurred staff supported by the grant start work;
  • Research grants with staff, where it is intended that staff should not be in post at the start of the grant: the date on which expenditure on any other Directly Incurred or Directly Allocated (excluding Estates) heading first occurs;
  • Research grants without staff: the date on which Directly Incurred or Directly Allocated (excluding Estates) expenditure first occurs;
  • Grants may not be started in any other way without prior approval from the EPSRC.

Delaying Start Date

The start of a research grant may be delayed by up to three months after the date given in the offer document. The duration of the grant will remain unchanged. The end date and the due date for the Final Expenditure Statement will be revised automatically.


A payment profile is created for each grant based upon an expected pattern of expenditure over the lifetime of the grant. This is set out in the payment schedule issued when the research organisation has accepted the grant by returning the Offer Acceptance.

Payments will be made quarterly to the research organisation through the Banks Automated Clearing System (BACS).