Expenditure statements

Expenditure Statements are used to reconcile the actual expenditure with the payments made. The Final Expenditure Statement (FES) is sent via the Je-S system to the Finance Office at the end of the grant.

The FES must be completed and returned electronically via the Je-S system within three months of the end date of the grant. A request can be made to extend the due date for receipt of the FES but must be made via the Grant Maintenance facility on the Je-S system before the due date has passed.

The FES is required to enable the EPSRC to meet its responsibilities in accounting for the use of public funds. If the FES is not received by its due date, the EPSRC will recover 20% of the expenditure incurred on the grant. If the FES is not received within six months of the end of the research grant, the EPSRC is unable to reconcile payments made against expenditure incurred and will recover the value of all payments made against the grant.

For some grants, an Interim Expenditure Statement (IES) may also be required. These are generated prior to the review date, at which point payments will be suspended and the research organisation will be required to complete and return an IES. On receipt and examination of the IES payments will usually resume.

A Transfer Expenditure Statement (TES) will be generated if a grant is subject to an organisation transfer.

For fEC grants, expenditure shown in the Directly Incurred and Exceptions headings must show the actual expenditure incurred by the project. Settlement by the Research Council will reflect the proportion of fEC stated in the award letter applied to actual expenditure, within the cash limit.

Expenditure may be incurred prior to the start of research and subsequently charged to the grant, provided that it does not precede the date of the award letter - see GC 4 Starting Procedures for details

For the Directly Allocated and Indirect Costs headings, the Research Council will pay the amount shown as spent, within the cash limit, provided that the grant ran its full course. Where a grant is terminated more than 6 months before the planned end date, a pro rata share will be paid. Where a grant terminates within 6 months of the planned end date, estates and Indirect Costs will be paid in full, but Investigators' costs and Other Directly Allocated Costs will be paid pro rata.

Status Reporting

The status reporting interface is an informational service that is provided through the Research Councils' Joint electronic Submission (Je-S) system.

This allows organisations to view details of EPSRC grants once an Offer Document has been accepted by the organisation and will remain until all actions, for both the organisation and EPSRC, are complete.

Annual Statement

Annual statements are currently under review.

Funding Assurance Programme

The Research Councils have a joint programme of funding assurance of research organisations by means of visits and form-based enquiries. This programme is designed to give the Councils assurance that the funding given is used for the purpose for which it was awarded and in accordance with the grant terms and conditions of the sponsoring Council.

The EPSRC also reserves the right to request supporting documentation on any grant prior to the grant reconciliation being undertaken.