Definitions of modes for previous years funding rates (pre 2011/12)

What is standard research?

Standard Research mode is for unsolicited research proposals submitted by anyone eligible to apply to EPSRC for funding at any time and in any field of research relevant to EPSRC’s remit.

It includes workshops, overseas travel grants, networks and visiting researchers that are funded through priorisation panels and through urgency procedures (peer review without a panel) but excludes those that are submitted as part of calls for proposals or targeted initiatives. Standard Research mode includes first grants which have eligibility criteria but can be submitted at any time in any research area, small facility operations and mathematical sciences small grants.

What are calls for proposals?

Proposals submitted in response to targeted funding mechanisms and calls for proposals are generally characterised by closing dates and/or eligibility criteria. There is generally a preliminary outline stage, where full proposals are only invited from higher-ranked outlines, generally giving higher funding rates in the targeted mode than in Standard Research mode. Some calls for proposals involve a stage to build managed consortia and involve a number of universities collaborating on one proposal.

Targeted mode includes platform grants, programme grants, research chairs, postdoctoral mobility, science and innovation awards, follow-on fund and discipline hopping awards.