Funding rates

Competitive Funding Decisions for 2018-19 are available on the UKRI website.

Funding rates are calculated from either the number, or value, of funded proposals as a percentage of the total proposals submitted. The total number and value of proposals submitted to EPSRC, and the total value of funding available to allocate proposals will vary between financial years. Consequently, proposal funding rates will also vary between financial years. Published funding rates should therefore not be considered indicative of a target for future funding rates.

EPSRC fund research through different funding schemes based on the advice from peer review. Most applications will go to prioritisation panels which use reviewer reports to assess the merit of each proposal, with emphasis on scientific quality. Sadly, we receive many more excellent research proposals each year than we have the resources to fund.

2017-18 proposal funding rates

Note: EPSRC will continue to openly publish funding rate information.

In the financial year 01 April 2017 to 31 March 2018, EPSRC considered 2,589 research grant proposals through Peer Review, and provided funding for 740 - a funding rate of 29%. This amounted to a demand of £1,851 million, with funding of £647 million and a funding rate by value of 35% (Funding rates exclude institution grants awarded by algorithmic methods).

During the same period, the average number constrained by the Repeatedly Unsuccessful Applicants policy was 17, and in March 2018 was 12.

The full information can be found in the PDF document "Research proposal funding rates 2017-18", which can be downloaded from the "Resources" section of this page.

Grants on the Web (GoW)

Funded proposals from specific panels and periods are viewable through GoW, but this resource is not indicative of funding rates across the whole portfolio or in any specific programme area.