Inclusion Matters

In 2018, EPSRC funded 11 Inclusion Matters projects. These ambitious and inspiring projects aim to accelerate culture change with respect to equality, diversity and inclusion. The call aimed to incentivise behavioral and long-term culture change. Over the course of the grants, these projects will promote a more diverse, fair and inclusive engineering and physical sciences community as well as disseminating their findings and embed good practice more broadly in the community.

The projects focus on the development and implementation of new approaches aimed at tackling and accelerating culture change. The approaches taken by each project vary but broadly the projects aim to:

  • Research: Undertake new research to understand more about specific challenges and issues and what actions might be taken. Learning from others, engaging nationally and internationally. Engaging a broad spectrum of relevant stakeholders.
  • Innovate: To try new and/or different approaches (based on available evidence) to those currently used.
  • Embed: To broaden activities already in progress more widely, either across the institution or sector.

To ensure impact beyond the immediate institutes involved, the grants will:

  • Collaborate: beyond their local department and institution and reach out to work collaboratively and share information with other organisations.
  • Communicate: capture, exchange, disseminate and embed good practice across an institution, between institutions and ultimately more broadly across the sector, sharing best practice, advocacy, consultation and celebration.
  • Lead: take the lead in promoting new approaches and in doing so raise awareness of equality, diversity and inclusion issues across the sector and act as ambassadors.
  • Evaluate: build on the existing evidence base, drawing relevant learning from other sectors, and ensuring that the impact of funded activities on equality, diversity and inclusion is appropriately assessed and benchmarked.

These shared commitments all focus on the best way to achieve culture change and dissemination of the projects, their work is a key aspect of this.

These highly collaborative projects include universities working across the UK and a range of project partners including business and learned societies. To find out more about the individual projects please click on the dots on the map below.