Equality Impact Assessment

An Equality Impact Assessment (EIA) is an evidence-based approach designed to help organisations ensure that their policies, practices, events and decision-making processes are fair, do not present barriers to participation and do not disadvantage any protected groups from participation.

It is EPSRC policy that an Equality Impact Assessment should be completed for major policy changes, calls for proposals and events that we lead. By introducing this policy we hope to:

  • Improve our awareness and understanding of disproportional differences between groups of people in the way a policy or practice has impacted on them in a robust way.
  • Reduce barriers to participation in our activities by taking action to remove/mitigate barriers.
  • Have better external communication of the steps that we take to promote equality and participation in all activities.
  • Increase internal awareness and ensure consistent implementation of mitigation measures
  • Demonstrate that decisions are transparent and based on evidence with clear reasoning.

EPSRC’s Equality Impact Assessments highlight the considerations and changes that are beyond EPSRC standard practice. As standard practice across all calls and events, EPSRC has embedded the following expectations:

  • Support flexible working
  • Abide by the principles of Peer Review
  • Ensure our staff receive ED&I awareness training, including tailored unconscious bias training for peer review processes and clear guidance for assessors to reduce the effects of unconscious bias in panel meetings
  • Clearly communicate the timeline and key milestones for funding activities
  • Ensure attendees have an opportunity to raise any specific requirements in advance e.g. via cover letter or joining instructions
  • Selection of venues that are accessible, and where possible, accommodate any specific requirement in our planning and organisation of an initiative to support wider participation
  • Ensure diversity of peer review assessment and interview panels
  • Offer support for people with caring responsibilities
  • Handle personal sensitive information in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2018

When invited to an event there may be additional changes that can be made depending on the type of activity. For example, there may be the opportunity to send a representative or join via video conferencing if you are unable to attend.

EIAs for funding calls can be found on our website with the call document. Some recent examples can be found here: