EPSRC/Energy Systems Catapult Whole Energy Systems Follow on Funding

In March 2017 the EPSRC Energy Theme, along with the Energy Systems Catapult, funded seven scoping studies aligned with the Whole Energy Systems Portfolio. These were each ~£60k investments running over a period of up to nine months. As we approach the second phase of these investments EPSRC is launching a competitive process to support the existing applicants involved with these scoping studies in further developing the projects, developing successful new/existing collaborations and securing impact from their research outputs.

The EPSRC Energy theme and the Energy Systems Catapult are inviting applicants who received funding through the EPSRC/Energy Systems Catapult Whole Energy Systems Scoping Studies call to submit full proposals to further develop their projects in the areas specified below. Up to £1.5 million is available for this Call, with EPSRC expecting to fund two or three future projects.

1. The use and development of whole energy systems analysis

How scenario approaches can be better communicated to and used by decision makers to drive policy development and investment strategy. How could quantitative and qualitative whole systems models and approaches at different scales be more effectively integrated or reconciled?

What methods and approaches could be developed to compare and contrast whole system modelling approaches from leading stakeholders within the energy community?

2. Future energy system transition analysis

How might this change in a data-rich, machine learning world and how can 'off-model' emergent data and learning about energy solutions be combined with system models to derive improved scenarios?

How could energy be transacted differently? What are the roles of end users in these different transactions and how they can become active participants? What approaches can be employed to evaluate the impacts of different regulatory frameworks, markets and institutions on delivering future energy system transitions? What new business models / strategies could be developed that are more consumer-focussed?

The EPSRC/Energy systems catapult will fund up to three projects in the areas identified. Projects are anticipated to be between 18 and 36 months in duration.

Funding could be used for researcher time, travel, workshops and other engagement activities to further develop consortia and larger programmes of work. Interdisciplinary collaboration and consortia building within applications is strongly encouraged as is partnership and engagement activities with organisations outside of academia e.g. Government, regulators and industry.

We are asking applicants to submit their proposals to our standard mode process, using a specific identifier in the title of the proposal. The proposals will undergo postal-peer review and sent collectively to one of our standard prioritisation panels. The applications will appear on a separate list within this panel, to enable the budget holder to make a financial decision based on the quality of the submitted proposals and the available funding.

All proposals must be received by 16:00 on 01 February 2018 via the Research Councils' Joint electronic System (Je-S).