Artificial Intelligence - UKRI CDTs

On behalf of the UKRI partners, EPSRC is pleased to confirm that additional investment in Centres for Doctoral Training will be made to support research training of relevance to Artificial Intelligence (AI). This is expected to support 10-20 CDTs. While EPSRC has been asked to deliver this investment, utilising the timescales of the existing CDT call, this is a cross-UKRI activity in which the Research Councils and Innovate UK have come together to jointly develop the scope. Therefore, bids are welcomed and encouraged from eligible institutions that address training needs in AI challenges across the breadth of AHRC, BBSRC, EPSRC, ESRC, MRC, NERC, and STFC remits.

As with the EPSRC CDT call, there is also a strong emphasis on engagement with users of research, both in terms of commitment to and support for the training environment and consideration of context and potential impact in the development of research training programmes. Innovate UK have also been closely involved in the development of this initiative. This additional investment represents an exciting opportunity for highly multidisciplinary doctoral research training in an area of key importance to the UK.

Please note: the supplementary call document was amended 20 February 2018.