Joint UK-China Low Carbon Manufacturing Call

This is the third of three calls planned under the "UK-China Joint Programme in Low Carbon Innovation" memorandum of understanding (MOU) between EPSRC and NSFC. This programme builds on a successful history of collaboration between EPSRC and NSFC across a range of topics.

The programme contributes to a broader strategic portfolio of energy research including the UKRI Energy Programme and EPSRC's ambition to develop the next generation of technologies for the safe, secure, cheap and efficient provision of clean energy. Similarly NSFC supports a range of energy research both nationally and internationally and supports basic research that meets the objectives of the NSFC 13th five-year plan, including promoting innovation and economic development through research.

A scoping workshop was held in China on 14 and 15 March 2018, that focussed on identifying the research challenges associated with Low Carbon Manufacturing, which are of national importance to both the UK and China.

Up to £3 million is available to support UK researchers for up to four awards in the order of up to £800K (80% fEC), with a duration period of three years. It will be matched with NSFC funding of up to 3 million RMB per project to support Chinese researchers.

All joint proposals must be received via both the NSFC e-submission system by 16:00 Beijing Time, and the Research Councils' Joint e-System (Je-S) by 16:00 GMT on 19 June 2018.

An Expression of Interest must be submitted to EPSRC before 16.00 GMT on 22 May 2018; applicants that do not register with their intent will have their applications rejected.

Please note that significant interest in this call is expected. Please bear this in mind and think very seriously when considering how and whether to develop your proposal, and only take it forward if you are very sure that it will be competitive at this level.