UK Japan Civil Nuclear Research Programme - Phase 6

EPSRC, in collaboration with the Japanese Ministry of Education, Sport, Culture and Technology (MEXT) and the Nuclear Safety Research Association (NSRA), seek collaborative research applications with UK and Japan-based principal investigators in the removal of fuel debris and environmental safety around reactor core decommissioning of the TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant (NPP), and Sellafield's decommissioning challenges. EPSRC will fund the UK-based research and MEXT will fund the Japan-based research components. This call represents the sixth phase of the UK-Japan Civil Nuclear Research Programme and it is for small projects of approximately 30 months duration, with a fixed end date of 30 April 2022.

This call seeks to support two projects covering key research challenges to accelerate and advance nuclear sciences including decommissioning relevant to Fukushima and Sellafield.  

These projects are to be of fixed duration, with a fixed start date in November 2019 and a fixed end date of 30 April 2022.  This fixed timeline is set to accommodate Japan's funding cycle. 

The call will have a closing time of 16:00 hours on 20 June 2019. Please note that this closing time does not coincide with the Japan closing date so please plan your joint submissions accordingly.

The case for support is permitted to be ten pages to match the allowed limit in Japan.  In addition, the application should include a two page outline of the project describing both the UK and Japan-based components. This outline will be assessed by JAEA/CLADS during the interview stage (to be held in Japan, for Japan-based researchers only) which is described in the assessment section.

Applicants should note that they should request only the travel and subsistence cost for the UK part of the project. The Japanese partners should request any funds they need from MEXT.