University Defence Research Collaboration in Signal Processing, Phase 3 Application Themes

The aim of this Call is to fund one or two grants of up to £1 million and three years' duration (depending on size) in each of two areas of signal processing of defence relevance:

  • "Imaging and detection through complex media"
  • "Electromagnetic environment"

EPSRC's normal eligibility rules apply.

Applications will undergo peer review and will be ranked at the same ICT Theme Panel, but on separate lists (one for each Application Theme) from Standard proposals.

The Call is jointly funded by the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD). The Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) will be involved in nominating reviewers and panel members to assist in peer review assessment. Dstl will also monitor the progress of the successful applications.


This Call is part of the third phase of EPSRC and MOD's University Defence Research Collaboration in Signal Processing. During this initiative funding will proceed in two stages (see Figure 1). The first stage, completed in May 2018, was the funding of an Underpinning Signal Processing (USP) consortium grant to research fundamental principles and coordinate wider activities under the title "Signal Processing in the Information Age". The USP consortium has a role in coordinating the community, and applicants to the current Call are expected to work with that consortium.