Transformative Healthcare Technologies for 2050

EPSRC are inviting full proposals for Transformative Healthcare Technologies for 2050.

Applications are open for any invited full proposals following the outline stage of the call.

The Healthcare Technologies Theme aims to invest in research to support the next generation of underpinning science and emerging technologies. The focus of this call is Transformative Healthcare Technologies for 2050; technologies expected to have an impact within the next 30 years for the NHS, community or home care and an ageing workforce. We are looking to support visionary projects which could create a step change in how healthcare is delivered.

Examples of innovative technologies which have become routine and have led to real impact within the healthcare sector are:

  • MRI which serves as a primary diagnostic modality for many clinical problems, can provide information on healthy and diseased tissue and can lead to early detection and treatment of disease.
  • Automated portable defibrillation, which can significantly increase patient survival rates after cardiac arrest. Defibrillators are increasingly common in many public places.

We particularly welcome projects and collaborations which address underrepresented parts of our portfolio and the two Healthcare Technologies Grand Challenges: Transforming Community Health and Care and Frontiers of Physical Intervention. It is expected there may be research cross over with other Grand Challenges. Proposals focusing primarily on the other Grand Challenges will not be accepted.

We are looking for applications that do not just consider health treatment but also homecare, prevention and wellbeing with the overall goal of keeping people physically and mentally healthy. EPSRC encourages new ideas, thinking and collaborations, in areas currently underrepresented in our portfolio, to address what could be routine in the NHS in 30 years' time. We are keen to develop and help realise the potential of:

  • Next-generation digital healthcare systems
  • Engineering healthier environments where people live and work
  • Future affordable and inclusive healthcare solutions
  • Technologies to improve healthcare treatment

Funding Available: Up to £25 million will be available from EPSRC for this call, and we expect to fund four to six projects.

How to apply: Outline followed by full proposal.

Assessment Process: Anonymous outlines will be assessed and prioritised by an expert panel. Invited full proposals will undergo postal peer review, followed by assessment at an interview panel resulting in a rank-ordered list.


Key dates

Activity Date
Deadline for Full Proposals 16:00, 27 August 2019
Outline Expert Panel June 2019
Full Proposal Postal Peer Review September 2019 - January 2020
Full Proposal Expert Interview Panel February 2020