Trust, Identity, Privacy and Security in the Digital Economy 2.0

(Update (06 Sep 2017): a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) has been added to this page.)

UK Research and Innovation Digital Economy Theme and the cybersecurity strand of the Partnership for Conflict, Crime and Security are investing up to £10 million to support co-created, novel, interdisciplinary projects that solve real problems in aspects of trust, identity, privacy and security (TIPS) in the digital economy in a responsible way. We also want to engender a sustained and collaborative approach so that these projects engage with the wider relevant sectors and disciplines both during and after the funding period.

There is a compulsory intent to submit stage of this call to enable EPSRC to assess demand. Applicants must complete the online "Intent to Submit" form by 16:00 on 12 September 2017; the form can be found further down on this page. Applicants who do not do this will be ineligible for the call. Applicants will be required to provide investigator details and a short summary of the intended proposal. We will not publish any information submitted through this stage, it is for internal use only. Applicants will not be held to these details in the full proposal.

Once full proposals are submitted they will go directly to postal peer review, before being progressed to a prioritisation panel if reviews are sufficiently supportive.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there any expectations in terms of the length of the proposed project?

No. Please request the amount of time you feel is necessary to achieve the objectives of the proposed research, and justify this within the justification of resources.

2. Can a single institution submit more than one proposal?


3. If more than one institution is involved in a proposal, does the proposal have to come in through one single Je-S form?

No, not necessarily. In the case of multi-institutional bids, either one single Je-S form or multiple Je-S forms can be submitted. It is up to applicants how to structure their proposal.

4. In the call document, what do you mean by 'discipline'?

We recognise that there are different definitions of 'discipline' and that it is possible for two investigators to be based in the same department (e.g. Computer Science) but still come from a different discipline. We expect projects to take a holistic, interdisciplinary approach whilst working with potential users of the research. Ultimately, it is up to applicants to justify that the track record and background of the team is appropriate and meets the requirements of the call scope.

5. In the call document, what do you mean by 'researcher'?

A person who is a post-doctoral research assistant (or equivalent) and their time is requested under the Directly Incurred cost heading.

6. I can't see the Intention to Submit form, where is it?

The form is run through SmartSurvey which is sometimes blocked by privacy browser plugins. You will need to enable scripts from to view the form.

7.  Do proposals have to include more than one institution?

No, not necessarily.  It is up to applicants to put together the most appropriate team for the proposal and to meet the interdisciplinary nature of the call.  This can either be a team of investigators from a single institution or several.

8.  Can Co-I's/Project Partners be added to a proposal if they weren't included at the Intention to Submit Stage?


9.  Do proposals have to have a particular start date?

No, but please bear in mind that the prioritisation panel will be held in late February 2018.

10. Can international partners be involved in a proposal?

The standard EPSRC policy applies to this call, in that investigators must be employees of an eligible UK organisation.  If you wish to involve international partners, academics may be listed as a "visiting researcher" or users may be listed as a "project partner".  Any associated resources requested must be justified in the Justification of Resources document.  More details can be found in EPSRC funding guide.

11. How many letters of support can be attached to a proposal?

It is mandatory to include a letter of support from all listed Project Partners.  These should be listed on JeS as "Project Partner Letters of Support".  There is no limit on how many Project Partners you can list on your proposal.

A maximum of three "Letters of Support" can be added from non-Project Partners.  However, these should only be included in exceptional circumstances.