Synchrotron X-ray Materials Characterisation National Research Facility

Following the 2017 Statement of Need process, EPSRC would like to support a Synchrotron X-ray Materials Characterisation Facility. The aim of this service is to provide the UK academic research community with access to a materials characterisation beamline capability in X-ray diffraction and spectroscopy techniques via synchrotron radiation.

EPSRC encourages applicants to consider seeking industrial engagement in the future facility and considering a mechanism to attract new users to the facility.

The service must actively work to grow the user community, and engage users with respect to service development, e.g. actively adapting the range of experiments on offer in line with changing user needs. The facility will be of interest to communities across the engineering and physical sciences (EPS) communities, so the service must actively engage beyond the chemical sciences and continue to expand the user base. The proposed facility must complement the existing suite of instrumentation available to UK users at Diamond Light Source and the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility. Funding will be up to five years in duration.

Proposals will be viewed by an expert panel with comment before an interview. Standard eligibility rules apply. Specific criteria have been set by the expert panel and applications should make sure to address these in full.