Showcasing Physical Sciences Impact Event 2019


EPSRC is hosting an exciting event, sponsored by the Institute of Physics and the Royal Society of Chemistry, to celebrate the significant and wide-ranging impacts that arise from the breadth of physical sciences research: from the fundamental to the applied.

The event will include plenary talks, keynote speech and 10-15 exhibits demonstrating the best of physical sciences impact, and panel sessions focussing on the three pillars of impact: 1) economic, social & cultural impact, 2) impact through knowledge and 3) impact through people.

The event will bring together academics and industrialists from across a broad range of disciplines along with policy makers to share, discuss and celebrate the far-reaching and varied impacts of physical sciences research.

With the event we aim to:

  • Raise the profile of the exciting and varied impact of physical sciences research amongst stakeholders including industry, the third sector, academia, senior leaders of UKRI and policy makers.
  • Raise awareness within the physical sciences research community of the three pillars of impact, the potential opportunities for pathways to impact and how EPSRC can further support this.

Increase understanding amongst stakeholders of the latency of physical sciences research, its transformational but risky nature and the timeline to translation.

Why exhibit?

Producing an exhibit of your ground-breaking physical sciences research to display at the Showcasing Physical Sciences Impact Event will:

  • Help us at EPSRC make the case and advocate for maintaining a healthy physical sciences research base.
  • Be an excellent opportunity to showcase your research and its varied impact to a range of stakeholders including senior leaders within UKRI.
  • Demonstrate the importance of fundamental physical sciences research to industry and policy makers and how this provides the foundations for applied research and innovation.

How to apply

Please fill in the smart survey below.


Applications for exhibiting at the Showcase are invited from UKRI-funded researchers only (as Principal Investigator, Co-Investigator, Post-Doctoral Researcher, Collaborator, Research Technical Professional or Project-Partner).


An internal panel will assess the eligibility of the expressions of interest.

An external panel will assess the fit to the assessment criteria:

  • Demonstration of a clear link to physical sciences research
  • Demonstration of a clear link to at least one of three pillars of impact: impact through knowledge; impact through people; societal, cultural and economic impact
  • Accessibility of content that can engage a non-expert, science literate audience with physical sciences research
  • How it addresses at least one of the aims of the event.

Please read the call document for full guidance on eligibility and the assessment criteria.

Key dates



Showcase EoI opens

18 July 2019

Showcase EoI closes

20 September 2019

Decisions announced

Week commencing 30 September 2019

Event date (London)

6 December 2019

Terms and conditions

By submitting an expression of interest, I agree to:

  1. Be available to attend the event on Friday 6 December 2019 in London.
  2. Ensure that my exhibit complies with the assessment criteria and technical requirements.
  3. Promote theEPSRC and UKRI brand in any marketing or publicity materials I produce in compliance with the EPSRC branding guidelines.
  4. Use appropriate hashtags (including #EPSRC #UKRI) when promoting my activity on social media.
  5. Inform EPSRC of any changes to my activity, including risk of cancellation, at my earliest opportunity.
  6. Allow EPSRC to keep a copy of photographs and filming taken at the event for possible use online and in future EPSRC publications.

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