Security for all in an AI enabled society - call for proposals

The Digital Economy Theme, led by EPSRC within UKRI, will seek to commit up to £9M (at 80%FEC) to support four to six research projects which address challenges that lie at the intersection between artificial intelligence (AI) and cyber-security. The call scope will cover two main aspects - Security for Artificial Intelligence or Artificial Intelligence for Security and applications to this call must address at least one of them.

The aim is for projects that will provide for better and more wide-spread adoption of trusted and secure AI systems across the UK’s digital economy. We expect projects to take a fundamentally applied and interdisciplinary approach, across ICT, DE, social sciences and user communities.

The intersection of AI and cyber-security is a very broad, topical area and we acknowledge that this call will not solve the entirety of the challenge. What we are aiming to do is create a portfolio of adventurous flagship projects which can demonstrate the viability of different research approaches and in so doing, build a critical mass foundation for research and innovation for the area in the UK.

All applications must also structure their proposed research in order to deliver against all of the following requirements:

  • A multi-disciplinary, application focused approach
  • Consideration of societal implications by design – individuals, communities and/or society
  • An “in the wild” application of the research within the lifetime of the project. This means the research should be applied in a real world context, using real data and working with real people.
  • Delivering responsible research and innovation and constant monitoring of this

Proposals will be sent to expert postal peer review before being assessed by a prioritisation panel in February 2020, composed of experts from academia, users and government representatives. 

Contact Details

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Name: Miriam Dowle
Job title: Senior Portfolio Manager
Section / Team: Digital Economy
Organisation: EPSRC
Telephone: 01793 444321