Sandpit: Water Energy Food Nexus

Securing a sustainable supply of water, energy and food is a key global issue. An increasing demand for land/food/skills/fellows/areas/energy-fellowship-priority-areas/water, urbanisation and the need to limit exploitation of these resources in a move towards a more sustainable economy will increase the strain on local, national and international resources.

Our water, energy and food systems are interconnected. The nexus seeks to define the interdependencies between the different systems and improve our understanding and hence ability to effectively predict and manage them. This complex area presents multi-dimensional research challenges that require a multidisciplinary/interdisciplinary approach to addressing them.

In response to these challenges EPSRC, with input from other research councils, is running a sandpit in the water energy food nexus in order to try to engender a radical change in the research undertaken in this field in the UK.

This Sandpit is being led by EPSRC with the support of three cross-Research Councils programmes: Living with Environmental Change, The Energy Programme and the Global Food Security Programme; and the UK cross-government/industry UK Water Research Innovation Partnership.

We hope that this sandpit will enable UK researchers to perform transformative research on the water energy food nexus, potentially taking revolutionary approaches to the complex challenges in this area.

It is expected that £4-5 million of Research Council funding will be made available to fund research projects arising from this sandpit with additional computational modelling support from STFC.


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