UK interconnected test-beds to support a research and innovation internet environment

The EPSRC Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Theme is inviting outline proposals for grants to link existing test-beds in order to undertake a variety of internet-relevant research. Joining test-beds and equipment using high speed, dedicated connections could significantly enhance the capability of these resources. This would enable new uses of the test-beds and thus research, enhancing the UK research landscape in areas relating to the internet.

Funding up to £5 million is available, which is expected to support between three and five consortia up to a duration of five years, subject to the quality of the proposals received. This is also subject to funds being available to EPSRC.


UK universities currently contain a great number of limited scale test-beds for undertaking a variety of internet based research. These vary widely in size, scope and type. The scope of these test-beds are sometimes constrained by their lack of connectivity to other such test-beds and infrastructure across the UK. Furthermore the test-beds are predominantly used by the researchers at the institution where the test-bed is located, and in some cases by small extended communities who have formed around a large programme of research. Normally, access by other academic researchers, industry and smaller companies is limited.

Linking existing test-beds and equipment using high data speed, dedicated connections could significantly enhance the capability of such resources. In addition to this, joining test-beds will enable the growth of the user base for existing equipment, which will strengthen the UK ICT research landscape. This is to enable world leading research in areas related to the internet such as: algorithms for massive data analytics; network resource capacity planning for connected cities; federated cloud computing; inter-data centre networking and photonics.

Interested applicants should discuss their proposal with Ellie Gilvin; in order to provide a basis for the conversation applicants must first complete the form below, in good time to allow sufficient response.

It is expected that interested applicants will have completed this by the end of September 2015 to allow sufficient time for further discussion.

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