Research Institute in Hardware Security - Call for Director

Reflecting the aims of the National Cyber Security Strategy, the UK Government and its delivery partners are working to increase the UK's academic capability in all fields of Cyber Security. EPSRC and NCSC are inviting proposals from academic researchers to form a Research Institute in Hardware Security. The Research Institute will be jointly funded by NCSC and EPSRC, with an indicative budget from the sponsors of £5 million over five years. In order to establish the institute there are two concurrent calls - one to identify a director of the institute and one to support initial research projects.

Working in conjunction with NCSC whilst undertaking research to be published in the public domain, the Research Institute will identify and address key issues that underpin our understanding of Hardware Security.

This call will identify the Director of the Institute. A grant will be awarded to support the functions of the Director for the lifetime of the Research Institute, and to provide funds for a substantial research project (the Director's Research Project). The concurrent call 'Research Institute in Hardware Security - Research Projects' will invite proposals for initial research projects; candidates for Director should also submit proposals for work in response to this call