Feedback to applicants following the outline panel


Please ensure that your application is within the remit of EPSRC science. Only 5-10% of the work conducted in the Fellowship may be in the remit of other Research Councils. For more information on the research areas that EPSRC supports, please find further details in the Research Areas section of our website.

Host Support

Please ensure that your proposal demonstrates an appropriate level of support and commitment to your career as evidenced through the Host Organisation Statement.

One of the current RSE Fellows (Christopher Woods) has written a blog post providing advice on working with your university to produce a letter of support.

Fit to the RSE Fellowship scheme

Please ensure that your application addresses the aim and scope of the RSE Fellowship Call.

The aim of the call is to provide long-term funding to individuals working as Research Software Engineers who demonstrate exceptional leadership skills and will be able to co-ordinate and promote the role of Research Software Engineers in academia. The funded RSE fellows should become ambassadors for computational methodologies, quality scientific software and drive the recognition of the RSE role in the university academic pathway.

More information on the role of the Research Software Engineer can be found at the RSE website.

More information on the RSE Community can be found in this 'state of the nation' report.

UCL have produced guidance around applying for RSE Fellowships.


Please provide the following evidence in your application:

  • Evidence of a clear vision for the role.
  • Evidence of an aptitude and potential to lead, inspire and influence, for example, through mentoring and networking.
  • Demonstration of excellent communications and interpersonal skills.

Further advice

For further advice and support when writing your application please get in contact with the RSE network or one of the RSE Fellows.: