Quantum Technologies Strategic Capital Investment Call

The National Quantum Technology Programme wishes to augment its existing network of capability through further capital investment.

Proposals are invited that will contribute to the expansion of the UK's quantum technology capability in one or more of the areas of strategic focus identified for this call.

The four areas of strategic focus are:

  1. Building technical capability;
  2. Manufacturing tools;
  3. System / subsystem design; and
  4. Acceleration of innovation.

Up to £25 million capital funding is available for this call. Funding is available for individual or consortia of institutions that demonstrate how their proposal will augment existing capabilities in the UK and that bring together a suitable support package that enhances this capital funding and enables delivery of new capabilities for the national network.

Proposals should clearly articulate the industrial contribution and leverage supporting this investment and how the investment would strengthen industrial engagement

An institution may only lead on one bid. Consortia applications are permitted, but these must be one application form per consortia bid not per institution.

Proposals will be sent to postal peer reviewers before consideration at a sift panel. Shortlisted proposals will then be invited to interview.

On 29 April 2015 we held an information day to discuss both of our calls ‘Quantum Technologies Strategic Capital Investment Call’ and ‘Training and Skills Hubs in Quantum Systems Engineering’. For the benefit of those that were unable to attend, PDF versions of the presentations are available to download below.