Prosperity Partnerships Fourth Round

Please note that there are notable process changes compared to the previous rounds and you must read the full document for guidance before submitting your proposal. Templates at the end of the Outline Interview guidelines call document.

Prosperity partnerships are business-led research partnerships between leading UK based businesses and their long term strategic university partners. There is up to £20M available for this fourth round call to support between four and eight programmes. EPSRC are seeking to fund world class business-led research partnerships in low technology readiness programmes that will deliver economic, social and cultural prosperity for the UK.

This call will be in two main stages, this initial Outline Interview Stage followed by Full Proposal Stage. This is a change to previous rounds and serves to assess, early on in the process, the strength of the partnership and the joint vision that builds on a business-led research challenge.

Prosperity Partnerships support existing, strategic, research-based partnerships between business and universities. They are an opportunity for co-investment in large-scale, long term, user-inspired basic research programmes at TRL 1-3. These partnerships must clearly address EPSRC's delivery plan priority framework and, in particular, those aligned with delivering economic and social prosperity for the UK.

Prosperity Partnerships programmes must build on the strategies of the business(es) and universities involved, and clearly articulate how the partnership will enable these to be delivered. All Prosperity Partnerships must generate value in some form for the UK, for instance we anticipate that businesses will have an active research base and R&D presence in the UK, or clear plans to grow this in-line with the Prosperity Partnership.

As a co-investment opportunity, this call requires the business and university partners to commit substantial cash contributions to the programme, by matching the financial investment made in each award by EPSRC. Further information is available in the call document.