Precision Manufacturing Outline Call

The EPSRC Manufacturing the Future Theme will provide up to £7M (Research Council contribution) to support a portfolio of Precision Manufacturing research projects.

Applicants intending to apply for this call should submit an outline proposal via Je-S by 3 September 2020. Outlines will be considered by an expert panel. Successful applicants at the Outline stage will be invited to submit a full proposal. This will undergo postal peer review, followed by assessment at a prioritisation panel, resulting in a rank ordered list. Funding decisions will be made in March 2021.

The focus of this call is excellent novel research into technologies and/or platforms required to enable high nanoscale-precision manufacturing at scale. Precision manufacturing addresses technologies or processes where parts can be fabricated with very high precision and exceptionally low tolerances, over arbitrary large size. It aims to give new and improved functionality to materials across a broad spectrum of research disciplines and make existing technologies “manufacturable.”

Proposals will be expected to conform to the remit of the EPSRC Manufacturing the Future theme, by focusing on fundamental research into the manufacturing technologies, the manufacturing process and/or its design and operation. Proposals deemed by EPSRC to lie outside this remit or the scope of the call may be rejected without reference to peer review. This applies to both Outline Proposals and Full Proposals.

Applicants must meet standard EPSRC eligibility criteria (see Eligibility section).

Applicants who are invited to submit a full proposal will be required to submit a User Engagement Strategy as part of the full proposal paperwork.

Applicants should read the call document in full before applying.

Key Dates



Outline Call opens in JeS

7 July 2020

Deadline for Outlines

16.00 Hours 3 September 2020

Call Opens for Invited Full Proposals

16 October 2020

Deadline for Full Proposals

16.00 Hours 26 November 2020

Prioritisation Panel

February 2021

Funding Decision

March 20201

Grant Start Date (earliest)

April 2021


Rebecca Cheesbrough Portfolio Manager – Manufacturing the Future
Stephen Gilligan Portfolio Support Manager – Manufacturing the Future
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