People at the Heart of Software Engineering - Invitation for Proposals

The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) has up to £4 million available to fund between four to six programmes of research which will support novel proposals that put People at the Heart of Software Engineering research.

This call will support researchers who can advocate for the importance of Software Engineering and highlight the huge impact it has on our everyday lives. We want to encourage research into responsible software engineering that considers all stakeholders from the start of the research programme. This includes considering the needs of the users and developers of software as well as considering the potential impact software could have on people. This is in line with the People at the heart of ICT priority, one of the six cross-ICT priorities.

Applicants to this call must develop a strong vision that not only outlines how the research impacts people but also how they intend to advocate for the area. Applicants can and should request funds specifically for this purpose, describing how they will engage with each other, EPSRC and a wide variety of stakeholders to help raise the profile of Software Engineering research.

Once submitted proposals will go directly to postal-peer review before being assessed at prioritisation panel of experts. The top ranking proposals from this panel will then be invited to an interview panel shortly afterwards.