Call for National Research Facility Statements of Community Need (2018)

This is the fifth call for Statements of Community Need for new and existing National Research Facilities that will support excellent engineering and physical sciences research. Previously known as mid-range facilities, these facilities provide leading edge capabilities and technique development at a national level and/or access to European research facilities.

Statements of Community Need should be led by an individual but co-created by a research community.

Research communities are asked to submit one Statement of Community Need only for any proposed facility. This may be led by a capability/facility owner or by any community leader and must show the need for particular infrastructure capability for the UK research community.

All Statements of Community Need, for both new and existing facilities, will be tensioned against each other and the current EPSRC National Research Facilities portfolio by a panel and EPSRC will then make the final decision about which facilities will be supported. Expert panels will then be convened to specify the requirements of facilities which go forward and an open call will be announced to identify where and who runs the facility.

Communities who wish to apply for a new National Research must contact the appropriate EPSRC theme/s and talk to them in advanced of applying.

Current National Research Facilities with contracts coming to an end in 2019/early 2020 must submit a Statement of Community Need in order to be considered for renewal. All Statements of Community Need will be tensioned according to the same assessment criteria.