Nuclear Energy University Programs (NEUP) US/UK Collaborative Funding Opportunity

The RCUK Energy Programme (RCUKEP), led by EPSRC, would like to encourage the participation of UK researchers in the current DoE NEUP programme.

In particular the RCUKEP will support the UK component of proposals including US/UK collaboration in the following specific areas from Appendix A of the US call document:

  • Radioisotope Retention in Graphite and Graphitic Materials (RC-2)
  • Materials Ageing and Degradation (RC-5)
  • Reactor Safety Technologies (RC-7)
  • Advanced Waste forms (FC-1.3) including; Waste forms development- Thermodynamics of waste glasses and melts (FC-1.3a), Fuel Processing Off-Gas Management- Tritium separations technology (FC-1.3b), Fuel processing Off-Gas management- Rb interaction with container materials (FC-1.3c).
  • Advanced Fuels (FC-2) including; Reactor pool side non-destructive characterization techniques for advanced fuel concepts (FC-2.1) and Extreme performance metal alloy cladding for fast reactors (FC-2.2), critical heat flux for accident tolerant fuels (FC-2.3).
  • Used Nuclear fuel disposition: Disposal (FC-4).
  • Nuclear Energy Advanced modelling and simulation (NEAMS-1) including only; NEAMS 1.1 (Atomistic and mesoscale modelling and simulation of nuclear fuels, cladding and reactor structural materials), NEAMS 1.2 (Macroscale fuel performance), NEAMS 1.4 (Thermal Hydraulics) and NEAMS 1.5 (Structural Mechanics).

Please see the NEUP website for an introduction to the Department's programmes.

Proposals should be submitted by the US partner according to NEUP processes. EPSRC will ultimately fund proposals based on the NEUP's funding recommendations.

UK applicants should:

  1. Engage closely with their US partners when preparing the proposal (this is a US process and US partners understand how best to prepare the bid);
  2. Contact the EPSRC lead to highlight the intention to submit a proposal (this will ensure that EPSRC is aware of the likely demand through this call and are able to offer advice where required on the application process). Any full proposal submitted to the NEUP will require a letter of support from EPSRC confirming our intention to support the UK component if successful through peer review. Please note: we require three days' notice to prepare this letter of support.
  3. If invited to the full proposal stage applicants will need to include in the documentation a Je-S form and Justification of Resources for the UK elements, these will be submitted through Je-S under the name "UK-US Nuclear Energy University Program 2017". Deadline is 15 February 2017.

UK partners are encouraged to include other UK stakeholders in their proposal as appropriate.

UK applicants wishing to engage in this programme should engage directly with their US partners. There is a deadline for expressions of interest (pre-applications) which are to be submitted by the US partners to the DoE by end of 14 September 2016. 

The full document is now available below under "Resources".