Mid-range Facility in Advanced Electron Microscopy (AdvEM)

EPSRC is inviting tenders for a contract to run a mid-range facility providing a high-specification transmission electron microscopy service to the UK academic community and other users. Full details of how to apply will be in the relevant published OJEU and Contracts Finder notices.

The contract will run initially for three years with an option to extend it to five years subject to a review.

High-specification transmission electron microscopy is a vital tool in the characterisation and understanding of materials. The existing facility has allowed UK scientific researchers to gain valuable insight and has been associated with over 150 scientific publications in the last five years. Bidders will need to provide information on the specification of the equipment they intend to operate, the facilities and the service they intend to provide, the staffing of the facility and the cost of the service.

As this is an invitation to tender for a contract rather than submission of a proposal for a grant, the tender exercise will be conducted in accordance with the Public Contract regulation (2015), bidders will be required to submit their tenders through the Emptoris system rather than Je-S.