Hubs for Mathematical Sciences in Healthcare

EPSRC intends to commit up to £4 million to support the creation of Multidisciplinary Research Hubs, bringing together researchers working in the Mathematical Sciences with academics and other stakeholders within Healthcare Technologies, such as healthcare professionals.

The aim of this call is to strengthen research capacity at this important interface and to expand the range of interactions between mathematical scientists, healthcare professionals and industry. EPSRC is particularly interested in encouraging new connections and new collaborations that demonstrate the potential for research in mathematical sciences to inform and underpin developments in health and care. This may be through new mathematical approaches to problems in health and care or through development of mathematical approaches to address new and different problems.

Hubs supported by this call will be expected to carry out world leading, challenge led, novel research addressing significant mathematical or statistical challenges of direct relevance to Healthcare Technologies. Hubs may choose to focus around a single programme of research or carry out a number of related activities of interest to several partners. Hubs will be expected to continue to work with existing partners and collaborators but also engage new academic, industrial and/or clinical partners over the lifetime of the award.

It is expected that in the majority of cases, applications will be led by a Principal Investigator with a strong track record of research in the Mathematical Sciences. However, we will also accept applications led by Principal Investigators with appropriate expertise from other disciplines relevant to Healthcare Technologies. In all cases the Principal Investigator must have a demonstrable ability to lead and encourage effective collaboration with researchers from across mathematical sciences and other disciplines, including healthcare professionals.

It is expected that Hubs will be led by a multidisciplinary team where the Principal Investigator may be supported by a number of Co-Investigators and Project Partners. The collective expertise should cover the key areas of Mathematical Sciences and Healthcare Technologies relevant to the proposed research programme. Multi or single institutional bids are acceptable provided that the team has access to the appropriate spread of expertise.

Applications to support new Hubs from universities with existing centres are welcomed as well as new applications. These applications will be considered together; they will be treated equally and assessed using the same assessment process and criteria. Information about existing centres will not be made available to peer review by EPSRC; this includes the outcome of the mid-term review exercise.