Early Career Forum in Mathematical Sciences

EPSRC seeks Expressions of Interest (EoI) for membership to the Mathematical Sciences Early Career Forum. We see the forum as a way for EPSRC to interact with researchers in the early stages of their career in order to share information on EPSRC policy and process. It is also an opportunity for early career researchers to network with colleagues from across the country, interact with senior academics that have a strong connection to EPSRC and to discuss future EPSRC strategy related to the Mathematical Sciences.

Applicants should be interested in learning about EPSRC funding mechanisms, our strategic aims and meeting other early career researchers. Forum members will be expected to attend two events per year, where there will be a number of interactive sessions on topics such as understanding funding opportunities, the peer review process, accelerating impact and building leadership.

While not a requirement of participation, there are significant opportunities to develop this role further both within university departments and across institutions by networking across the forum. We would encourage those involved to maximise this opportunity to develop leadership, advocacy and communication skills alongside an enhanced understanding of, and relationship with, EPSRC. This could be achieved through a variety of routes, including presentations on EPSRC policy to university departments or developing academic collaborations.

Aims of the Forum

We see the aims of the forum as:

  • To develop early career researchers understanding of EPSRC, including strategic priorities and funding mechanisms.
  • To provide early career mathematicians with the opportunity to develop strategic influence and communication skills.
  • To identify and support future research leaders in the Mathematical Sciences.
  • To develop relationships with early career researchers who will become future advocates for EPSRC.

Expression of Interest Form