Manufacturing Fellowships 7

(Please note: the dates given for this call are approximate, and will be confirmed nearer the time.)

Manufacturing Fellowships are aimed at people who have the potential to be future research leaders in their field of manufacturing research. They support either:

  • People currently working in industry who are looking to move into and develop a career in academia (it is expected that their current role will involve research and innovation)
  • Academics who have recently moved from industry (within approximately the last two years)

EPSRC offers up to five years of support for suitable candidates. They must be able to articulate a compelling research vision and demonstrate how their research will benefit from their industrial experience.

By the end of the award we expect Fellows to have driven forward:

  • New research agendas with the potential for transformative impact on manufacturing industries
  • A change in the culture within academia by transferring best practice from industry to academia