Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund - Transforming Construction: Active Building Centre

As part of the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund the UK government is investing in this challenge to deliver an innovative R&D programme through:

  • Establishing a Core Innovation Hub - which will address the performance and manufacturing objectives of the programme.
  • Creating an Active Building Centre - a centre which will seek to reduce the cost and commercialise energy generation and storage components in buildings across the UK, effectively turning them into power stations.
  • Delivering R&D and Research Competitions - designed to drive cross-sector collaboration, and the scale-up and demonstration needed to encourage rapid adoption of digitally-driven manufacturing design that enables buildings to integrate energy generation and storage components.

As part of this, EPSRC, on behalf of UK Research and Innovation, invites submission of proposals from UK university consortia to establish an internationally recognised Active Buildings Centre (ABC) to lead in research, innovation and commercialisation of Active Building Technologies in line with the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund for Transforming Construction.

EPSRC will award one award of up to £36 million to build and establish the ABC with will aim to break down the barriers that prevent mass uptake of Active Buildings, by working across the UK strengths in research and innovation to:

  • Deliver a new physical centre that will provide a living lab and host key staff tackling the challenges around incorporating and integrating Active Building Technologies
  • Embed the use of Active components into construction standard practice through working with the Core Innovation Hub
  • Draw on the significant technological advances and other insights from the wider research community, in addition undertake user-inspired research and innovation activities
  • Work with commercial developers and the public sector to deliver a critical mass of Active Buildings in the UK
  • Feed performance data, social and behavioural insight from Active Buildings back into the research and technology base to drive iterative research, innovation and product improvement
  • Address the appropriate standards and regulatory barriers that inhibit buildings from incorporating Active Building Technologies.

The core consortia members must attend a briefing and consortia building event on the 19 April 2018 and register at the event website.

This does not restrict subsequent University partners from joining the consortia prior to final proposal submission. Applications from universities not at this briefing event will be rejected without consideration.

This funding call is part of the Government's Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF). This is not a standard EPSRC funding call and the remit is unique to this call. Applicants must read all parts of the call document.

Please note that alongside this call, Innovate UK are running a competition to form the Core Innovation Hub.

Please refer to the call document for contact details, in the event of any queries.