Innovation and Knowledge Centres: Follow-on Funding

Funding Available

Proposals up to £500K (80% fEC) over a maximum of two years are invited. Substantial additional leverage from University and project partners is required.

How to apply

Applications will be submitted through Smart Survey via

Assessment Process

This is a single stage process with proposals reviewed by a non-technical expert  panel. The panel will make a recommendation of Fundable, Fundable with Amendments or Not Fundable for each proposal.  Proposals assessed as Fundable with Amendments or Not Fundable will be provided with clear guidance from the panel, and the applicant will have the opportunity to address the concerns of the panel in a written response. Following the response, the panel will make a final recommendation of Fundable or Not Fundable. The panel’s recommendations will subsequently inform funding decisions as per standard EPSRC process.

Key Dates

Activity Date
Invitation to submit 31 January 2020
Deadline for submission 16:00 on 16 April 2020
Interview Panel Mid-May 2020 (Provisionally the week commencing 11 May 2020)
Response to panel recommendation of Fundable with Amendments or Not Fundable Late-May 2020 (provisionally 29 May 2020)
Funding Decision Early June 2020 (provisionally the week commencing 1 June 2020)

Additional information

This call is only open to existing Innovation and Knowledge Centres that are coming to the end of their core funding (CSIC, CSIT, MTIKC, SPECIFIC). A Host Organisation Statement is required, which includes details of support from businesses and other partners.


Neil Robinson, – Tel: 07784 002678,
Glenn Goodall, – Tel: 01793 444475.
Please cc all enquiries to: