Human-like Computing: Call for feasibility studies

This is a Call for feasibility studies for research that could lead to the development of human-like computing systems: machines with human-like perceptual, reasoning and learning abilities, which support collaboration and communication with human beings.

Human-like Computing goes beyond designing improved AI or machine learning systems, and it is not about incorporating findings in neuroscience.

However a key component of the projects we are looking to encourage and support is multidisciplinary research involving cutting edge and state-of-the-art research in both computer and cognitive science.

Approximately £2 million is available to support feasibility studies of up to £300,000 and of 18 months duration. ESRC are supporting this initiative and additional funding may be made available if suitable proposals are forthcoming.

The application process is in two stages. First, an initial audition to select promising ideas. This will take place in Birmingham and applicants who are unable to travel can deliver their pitch via Skype. The proposers of these will then be invited to submit full proposals which will be assessed by an interview panel in the autumn. This will be held in Polaris House in Swindon.

Key dates

Activity Date
Registration of intention to participate (Concept Audition) 15 to 16 June 2017
Auditions 29/30 June 2017
Decisions on auditions announced wb 3 July 2017
Deadline for full proposals 28 September 2017
Interview Panel 25/26 October 2017 (tbc)
Funding decision wb 30 October 2017
Grant start date 1 December 2017