Healthcare Technologies Grand Challenges: Expression of Interest to attend the Town Meeting

Last year, EPSRC's Healthcare Technologies (HT) Theme invited the UK's research and user communities to help them develop a number of Grand Challenges. These Grand Challenges were to be used to inform the future strategy and direction of the Theme. The Theme was interested in hearing the views of researchers from all disciplines and career stages, as well as clinicians, industry and other relevant stakeholder groups. An online survey and three workshops were held to gather these views.

The HT Strategic Advisory Team (SAT) has digested the inputs and have agreed the future Grand Challenge strategy based round a matrix of grand challenges and cross-cutting research capabilities. The SAT will finalise this matrix at its meeting in February but the current thinking is that there will be four healthcare driven challenges:

  • Using real-time information to support self-management of health and wellbeing, and facilitating timely interventions.
  • Optimising treatment for individuals through early diagnosis, patient-specific prediction and evidence-based intervention.
  • Enhancing the precision and minimising the invasiveness of surgery, radiotherapy, and other physical interventions.
  • Supporting the development of new therapies – from drug delivery technology to scalable manufacturing methods.

This new strategy will be presented at a town meeting in London on 14 April 2015, along with a number of funding opportunities to begin implementing the strategy. One funding opportunity will be for early career researchers and the call will be launched in March; another is to enable researchers to collaborate with users and this call is expected to be announced in March or April and a third one is to establish UK networks around the grand challenges with the call being launched in June. More detail on this strategy will be on the EPSRC web-site nearer the time.

Therefore, the purpose of this town meeting is:

  • To communicate to the community how their input has led to the grand challenge framework
  • To outline the grand challenge framework and implications for EPSRC's future strategy in healthcare
  • To announce and brief the community on initial funding opportunities to begin implementing the strategy
  • To provide the community an opportunity to feed into the implementation of the strategy during the next spending review.

This town meeting is open to anyone interested in the EPSRC's healthcare technologies strategy, including academic researchers, representatives of industry and other users. As we would like to disseminate this new strategy as widely as possible, key universities and research groups may wish to send an academic representative who relays the key messages back to all interested parties and can provide a broad view to help us develop our implementation plans.

As space is limited and we want broad representation from across our community, if you wish to attend the town meeting, please complete the short survey included at the bottom of this page by 02 March 2015. Expressions of interest to attend will be reviewed by an internal EPSRC selection meeting to ensure a wide diversity of attendance. Invitations, agendas and more information on the strategy will be sent out by the end of March.

If you have any queries please email and put "town meeting" in the subject line.

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