Healthcare Technologies Programme Grants

The Healthcare Technologies Theme has recently announced a new long term strategy. To deliver this strategy EPSRC invites applications for Programme Grant proposals that seek to address significant major research challenges that align to the Healthcare Technologies Grand Challenges of:

  • Developing Future Therapies - Supporting the development of novel therapies with technologies to enhance efficacy, minimise costs and reduce risk to patients (note: this specifically relates to drug, biological, cell and regenerative therapies).
  • Frontiers of Physical Intervention - Restoring function, and optimising surgery and other physical interventions to achieve high precision with minimal invasiveness.
  • Optimising Treatment - Optimising care through effective diagnosis, patient-specific prediction and evidence-based intervention.
  • Transforming Community Health and Care - Using real-time information to support self-management of health and wellbeing, and to facilitate timely interventions.

Applications should also draw on one or more of the cross-cutting capabilities of:

  • Advanced materials
  • Disruptive technologies for sensing and analysis
  • Future manufacturing technologies
  • Medical device design and innovation
  • Novel computational and mathematical sciences
  • Novel imaging technologies

Programme Grants are a flexible mechanism to provide funding to world-leading research groups to address significant major research challenges. They are intended to support a variety of activities focussing on one strategic research theme. It is expected that proposals will be interdisciplinary and collaborative.

Up to £15 million will be available to fund 3-5 Programme Grants through this call for proposals.

Applicants must submit a pre-outline and discuss their suitability for Programme Grant funding with one of the EPSRC contacts for this call before submitting an Outline application. This is equivalent to the pre-outline stage for standard Programme Grants. A pre-outline should be received by EPSRC by 06 October 2015.

Peer review for this call will consist of a multi-stage process, following the standard Programme Grants process. Applicants should submit an Outline by 16.00 on 27 October 2015. The closing time and date for Invited Full Proposals is 16:00 on 14 January 2016.

Key dates

Activity Date
Deadline for Pre-Outlines 06 October 2015
Deadline for Outlines 16:00 on 27 October 2015
Decisions / feedback communicated w/b 23 November 2015
Deadline for Full Proposals 16:00 on 14 January 2016
Triage Panel (if required) May 2016
Interview Panel w/b 06 June 2016
Funding decision By 30 June 2016
Grant start date 01 October 2016

Pre-outline submission form

Contact Details

In the following table, contact information relevant to the page. The first column is for visual reference only. Data is in the right column.

Name: Katie Daniel
Job title: Head of Manufacturing
Section / Team: Manufacturing the Future
Organisation: EPSRC
Telephone: 01793 442895

In the following table, contact information relevant to the page. The first column is for visual reference only. Data is in the right column.

Name: Sarah Hobbs
Job title: Portfolio Manager
Section / Team: Healthcare Technologies
Organisation: EPSRC
Telephone: 01793 444284