Healthcare Impact Partnerships 2015/2016

Note: This call will be open for submissions in the Je-S system from 05 August 2015 but the call document has been provided in advance to allows applicants to begin preparing proposals.

Following a pilot call in 2013, EPSRC invites proposals for Healthcare Impact Partnerships. A budget of £5 million is available to support projects that must progress previous EPSRC-funded research towards impact within a healthcare application. This call is only open to proposals which are within remit of the cross-cutting capability areas of Disruptive Sensing and Analysis and Medical Device Design and Innovation as defined in our strategy document, towards impact within a healthcare application. Proposals should build upon existing strengths and expertise and demonstrate potential to address an unmet healthcare need and/or offer significant added value over current or alternative healthcare solutions.

This call is closely aligned to the EPSRC Healthcare Technologies strategy; a new way to think about how Engineering and Physical Sciences researchers can tackle current and emerging health challenges facing society. Applications to this call should bring a creative and multidisciplinary approach to the cross cutting capability identified underpinning at least one of the four grand challenge areas.

This call is open to eligible UK academics who have held an EPSRC grant or portfolio of grants relevant to the capabilities of Disruptive Sensing and Analysis or Medical Device Design and Innovation. Applicants will be required to work in partnership with at least one business partner to progress their previous research outputs towards impact. Partner(s) will be expected to have played an active role in the design of the project as well as demonstrating significant direct or in kind contributions towards the project. All proposals should also demonstrate clinical engagement in order to ensure the research will address an unmet clinical need.

Proposals will be assessed on the impact generated from their previous EPSRC-funded grant, the suitability of the proposed research team, the engagement of the business partner, the quality of the proposed research and the extent to which further support will progress the previously funded research towards impact in healthcare.

Anyone intending to submit a proposal to this call must register their intent to submit by 16:00 on 27 August 2015. Please complete the Intent to Submit form below with the information contained within the appendix in the full call document (available from "Resources" on this page). EPSRC will acknowledge receipt of the Intention to Submit. Applicants that do not register their intent to submit before the deadline will be ineligible for the call.