Fellowships for the Future of Manufacturing: Challenges from the Manufacturing Foresight Report

The Manufacturing the Future Theme is looking to establish a number of Fellowships that will act as a response to the Manufacturing Foresight report, focussing on the Manufacturing research opportunities around the key technologies that are likely to, when integrated into future products and networks, collectively facilitate fundamental shifts in how products are designed, made, offered and ultimately used by consumers.

Successful Fellowships for the Future of Manufacturing will be expected to not only undertake leading research but also inform the research agenda around the challenges highlighted in the Foresight report, linking with the key activities required to enable this.

These Fellowships are intended to be analogous to the prestigious Dream Fellowship award, enabling talented researchers to take time out from their everyday activities, to give them the freedom to gain new knowledge of novel creative problem solving techniques, explore new radical ideas and develop new ambitious research directions, but in this case concentrating on key research issues for the UK that were identified in the Manufacturing Foresight report.

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