Research Council Follow-on Fund - August 2011


The Follow-on Fund helps researchers to bridge the ‘funding gap’ between traditional research grants and commercial funding. It will support early-stage activities essential to realising the commercial potential of EPSRC funded research. Proposals will demonstrate a strong commercial focus and not be predominantly concerned with overcoming technical obstacles or extending the original research.

Support available

Applicants may request up to 12 months funding to further develop and strengthen the commercial potential of an identified business opportunity. The Fund will expect to support a complementary mix of technical and business development activities where these are seen as likely to greatly enhance the prospects of future commercial success.


This call is for applications to EPSRC only and is an opportunity for academics in UK research organisations to take forward ideas generated by EPSRC Research Grant funding. The outputs of research supported through Training Grants (such as studentships) are not eligible for Follow-on Fund support.

Submitting your proposal

Please refer to the Je-S help for details on preparing and submitting an application. EPSRC will only accept applications through the Joint electronic submission (Je-S) system.