End Use Energy Demand Technology Call 2

The UK Research and Innovation Energy Programme, via EPSRC and ESRC, have now funded the Centre for Research in Energy Demand Solutions (CREDS) as part of the second phase of strategy to support the broad community of researchers and innovators in energy demand in the UK. EPSRC is looking to fund additional research proposals concerning technologies to enable end use energy demand, investing approximately £6 million (depending on quality) in research projects aligned to, but not duplicating, the aims and objectives of CREDS. This is in addition to the previous call, EUED Tech.

For this call five areas will be highlighted with which there is an increased level of interest. These areas are as follows:

  1. EUED Technology
  2. Food Technology and systems
  3. Digital Technology for energy efficiency
  4. Materials for energy efficiency
  5. EUED Other. To allow for a broad range of applications.

EPSRC would like to see a balance across these priorities. Proposals are invited from applicants which show a clear complementarity to the centre and should include at least one investigator with direct links to the centre. Proposals will be subject to peer review followed by a prioritisation panel to decide funding. Strategic input from the Leader of CREDS, Professor Nick Eyre, will be taken for context at the prioritisation panel, but will not form part of the assessment of quality of the proposals.

In the previous call three proposals were funded: EP/S030654/1, EP/S030700/1 and EP/S030786/1.