EPSRC AI3SD Network Plus announces second funding call with the focus on Design and Synthesis of Chemicals and Materials

The EPSRC Funded AI3SD Network+ (Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Intelligence for Automated Investigations for Scientific Discovery) is pleased to announce their second Funding Call, with an application deadline of 19th December 2019. AI3SD was set up to bring together researchers looking to show how cutting edge artificial and augmented intelligence technologies can be used to push the boundaries of scientific discovery.

The network has chosen the Design and Synthesis of Chemicals and Materials (including property prediction, synthesis and manufacture) as the inter-related areas for the initial cutting-edge exemplars on which to focus the landscape for the Network+’s activities.  These areas are critical to meeting the majority of the UN sustainability goals, and are at the top of the UK Industrial Strategy. 

The second funding call reflects these different aims, with the following priority areas: 

  • Novel Machine Learning for Chemical and Materials discovery
  • Novel Active Learning AI in the Chemical Science
  • New AI based methods for Scientific Discovery in Chemistry

The Application Form and Guidance Document are available on the website. Please read the guidance documents very carefully before filling in the application form, and note that: Individual projects can request up to £40,000 funding (total spend up to £50,000 as per FEC 80%). Applicants will be awarded 80% of the full cost, and the institution receiving the award is responsible for the remaining 20%. 

Key Dates

Network+ Town Meeting  11th September 2019

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Deadline for applications submitted by e-mail to the Network+ Coordinator19th December 2019