Expression of Interest to attend a Quantum opportunities in fundamental physics workshop

STFC and EPSRC are pleased to announce a workshop on 21-22 May 2019 to help further build the community to work in the joint area of quantum technology applications in physics.

This workshop seeks to bring together researchers from across the STFC and EPSRC communities. Attendance is free of charge including overnight accommodation on 21 May if required, although travel costs will not be funded.

Places are limited to those eligible for UKRI funding and researchers from PSREs. To ensure an optimum mix of attendees, registration is via an application process.

Attendance at this workshop is not a prerequisite to be able to apply to any subsequent research call that may be held. Applications will be assessed based on the answers submitted to the application questions. No background or further information will be sought about applicants so please include any relevant information.

For further information on the workshop and to express interest in attending, please visit the "Quantum opportunities in fundamental physics workshop" page at the STFC website.