Engineering for a Prosperous Nation - Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the large number of queries being received, please find below some FAQs relating to the Engineering for a Prosperous Nation call.

  • Call Document: Please ensure you read the call document (PDF) carefully ahead of proposal submission. The transformative element of all applications submitted against this Call should be clearly articulated in the proposal, centred within the Engineering Theme's remit and should work towards the Prosperity Outcomes Framework.
  • Equipment: Equipment over £10,000 is not available through this call. Small items of equipment i.e. under £10,000 are eligible.
  • Investigators: The Bright Ideas initiative is designed to support individual academic researchers. Co-investigators are therefore not allowed.
  • Submissions: Multiple submissions as Principal Investigator are allowed by an individual provided intents to submit have been completed for each proposal.
  • Prosperity Outcomes: Applications can be across multiple outcomes, but we expect researchers to identify a primary Outcome.
  • PDRAs: PDRAs are allowed.
  • Eligibility: Standard EPSRC eligibility criteria apply for Principal Investigators in this call.
  • Full Proposal Submission: There will not be any further assessment after the pitch stage (stage 2). The full proposal submission will only constitute resubmission of the outline documentation.
  • Project Partners: Project partners can be included, even though we would not expect them due to the speculative nature of the projects. You will only need Letters of Support from project partners if successful at interviews and invited to provide full proposals. Any potential involvement should be included in the pathways to impact document.
  • Proposal Format: The Case for Support and Justification of Resources must be submitted using the templates provided. There is no template for the Pathways to Impact document; this should be formatted as required for standard proposal submissions.
  • Assessment Process: The panel at stage 1 will only have access to the case for support. The panel at stage 2 will have access to all documentation - where the process is no longer anonymous.

Ethical Information: The ethical information section on the Je-S form is not available for outline proposals. Please ensure you indicate the relevant information the documents submitted. This section will need to be completed as standard if successful at interviews and invited to provide full proposals.