EPSRC are looking for new members for our Early Career Forum in Engineering

EPSRC is seeking applications from Early Career industrialists, academics and from individuals working in the third sector and government organisations to join our Early Career Forum in the Engineering theme.

The Engineering theme aims to identify and tackle fundamental engineering research challenges with the potential for lasting academic, social and economic benefit to the UK. These challenges are often inherently interdisciplinary, cutting both across EPSRC's portfolio and across the Research Councils more widely. Engaging with early career stakeholders from academia, industry and policymaking is a crucial part of achieving these aims, helping to set the direction for engineering research in the near future.

The Engineering Early Career Forum acts as an informal advisory stream to EPSRC. Members are advocates for EPSRC within the community, and provide a broad perspective of the needs and views of the engineering community, offering opinion across the breadth of the Theme.

We are looking to recruit around eight new members in this exercise, and we have a particular aspiration to improve the diversity of the Forum.

Further information on the Forum and its current membership is available on the Engineering Early Career Forum page.

Submitting an Application

The expression of interest form can be found at the bottom of this page.

Applicants should submit their form response by the deadline of 16:00 on 1 August 2019.

Please note: You will not receive a receipt of submission of the expression of interest.


This call invites Expressions of Interest (EOIs) which will be assessed at an EPSRC shortlisting panel.

Activity Date
Deadline for expression of interest 1 August 2019
Shortlisting September 2019
Inform applicants of outcome September 2019
Next meeting of Early Career Forum 29 November 2019

Quotes from our members

Jess Davis, Early Career Forum Chair and Strategic Advisory Board Early Career member

I am a Senior Lecturer in Sustainability at Lancaster University and I contribute to the Engineering Strategic Advisory Team as their Early Career member and I act as the Chair for the Early Career Forum. By getting involved with both, I help act as a bridge between the activities of the SAT and the forum. It's been really interesting so far to be involved with both groups and hear differing perspectives across our Engineering community. The ECF operates in a very similar way to the SAT in the Engineering theme: There is a lot of overlap in the topics being discussed with the Council staff and the quality of discussion and strategic thinking is excellent on both. The main difference really is that there is a little extra emphasis on supporting networking and careers in the ECF.

Nicole Metje, Former Early Career Member

My time on the ECF was excellent. I got to know great academics from other institutions, felt ECRs' voices were heard and it also removed the anonymity of EPSRC. Going into an interview panel is now slightly less scary as I at least know one person in the room. Finally, bringing the latest thinking back to my own institution was great thereby helping many other ECRs not directly involved in the ECF.

Joanna Collingwood, Former Early Career Member

I'd like to thank EPSRC for including me in the ECF over the past few years. Membership has been valuable to me in many ways. As anticipated, ECF introduced me to a new network of early/mid-career researchers, and enabled me to gain a better understanding of EPSRC as an organisations. ECF helped me interface with my home institution, as I worked out the best routes to disseminate information from the meetings. It was also rewarding to support developments at EPSRC, such as identifying specific opportunities and challenges in the early career pipeline, and contributing to sector-wide initiatives to advance diversity and inclusion in STEM.