Environmental Change Challenge Fellowships

EPSRC is inviting Outline Proposals for EPSRC Challenge Fellowships in the LWEC theme, with a closing date of 05 January 2017. Fellowships are offered at both the Postdoctoral Fellowship and Early Career Fellowship level. Applications are sought that address the challenge question:

How can our cities, their hinterlands, linking infrastructure, rural surround and the regions they are in, be transformed to be resilient, sustainable, more economically viable and generally better places to live?


EPSRC's Living With Environmental Change theme is keen to support the next generation of leaders in adapting to and mitigating climate change. This is a strategic activity focusing on a key challenge within the EPSRC LWEC theme and on bringing new thinking into the area.

A previous call was issued on this topic in 2015 and eight Fellowships funded:

The research required to answer this challenge requires a broad based, problem- directed and multidisciplinary approach. In this call EPSRC is particularly interested in proposals that help fill research gaps in this area:

  • Proposals that use an Engineering, Physical Sciences, Computer Sciences or Mathematics led approach to the challenge
  • Proposals that address Energy related aspects of the challenge

The balance of the research described in the application should be within the remit of EPSRC. We thus would, particularly, like to encourage applicants from across the EPSRC research landscape to apply.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What attachments in Je-S should be included for this call?

A: This is a call for outlines rather than the standard Fellowship process so the instructions for the call need to be followed: everything needs to be in the four-page Case for Support.

Q: How should I structure the Case for Support?

A: The four pages are freeform and it is part of the assessment to see if they are used appropriately to describe the candidate's particular research, why they are the right person to do it and how they will exhibit the qualities required by a Fellow. A good way to structure the proposal is to use the assessment criteria and bear in mind that the Candidate and the Research are the most important criteria.