Decarbonising Heating workshop

EPSRC is holding a community workshop in Decarbonising Heating (and cooling) on 25 March 2019. This will be an interdisciplinary workshop bringing together both industrial and academic researchers who are targeting to address future challenges in decarbonising heat - this is to include both heating and cooling.

The workshop will identify the limitations in current approaches and will facilitate the identification of research challenges and opportunities in the area. In addition to evaluating the science behind these ideas, the social and economic implications will also have to be considered. The overarching aim of the workshop is to scope ideas for a call in the area to be funded in approximately February 2020 (date to be finalised). The workshop will also give attendees the opportunity to feed into EPSRC strategic development for the area.

Sifting will take place as only ten slots are available for open competition; travel, accommodation and expenses will not be included.


Decarbonising Heat does not have its own research area, however it has implications in many of the Energy portfolios including: End Use Energy Demand (Energy Efficiency), Energy Storage, Bioenergy, Carbon Capture and Storage, Fuel Cell Technology, Fossil Fuel Power Generation, Hydrogen and Alternative Energy Vectors, Networks and Whole Energy Systems. It is a particularly difficult challenge as it will require infrastructure changes to homes, businesses and so forth. In addition to the scientific and engineering challenges, this will have significant economic and societal costs associated with any proposed solution(s) and any potential inconvenience to the consumer. Furthermore, significant capital investments will be required to meet the demands for heating and cooling in this country.

This workshop aims to investigate targeted solutions that will significantly reduce the emissions from heating and cooling, as a zero-emissions strategy is potentially expensive and unfeasible. It will aims to bring together industry and academia to jointly identify and address these challenges, and support the community and research domain to grow so as to increase the UK's capability in the area. The ten candidates will be shortlisted based on an internal evaluation within the Energy team, ensuring that a broad and diverse range of expertise and voices are covered from relevant research disciplines and technologies. Preference will be given to candidates with significant knowledge and experience in heating and cooling research though at least one space will be allocated to an Early Career Researcher.

Contact Details

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Name: Ruhina Miller
Job title: Portfolio Manager
Section / Team: Energy
Organisation: EPSRC
Telephone: +44 (0)1793 444348