Cross-Disciplinarity and Co-Creation in ICT Research

EPSRC's Information Communication Technology (ICT) Theme has launched a call for outline proposals entitled 'Cross-Disciplinarity and Co-Creation in ICT Research'.

This call seeks to encourage active collaboration between researchers working in different disciplines and/or with users of research. The ICT landscape has rich opportunities for closer working between disciplines and many of the most exciting opportunities emerge at the interface between established areas. Cross-disciplinary research includes novel collaboration within the ICT community, with researchers across the EPSRC portfolio and with researchers funded by other research councils. It also includes collaboration with users of research. Co-creation is the joint creation of a research project by collaborators. For more information please see the call document (PDF).

Proposals submitted to this call should clearly articulate how the proposal has been co-created (for example, an idea that could only have arisen from a cross-disciplinary dialogue). They should also describe what aspects of the proposed research would not be possible without cross-dsciplinarity and co-creation and any new areas that could arise from the proposed research.

As part of this award, successful applicants should play a role in championing cross-disciplinarity and co-creation in ICT research. This will include supporting relevant EPSRC-led workshops and shaping best practice.

An information event for prospective applicants was held on 04 May 2017 in London. Investigators who were unable to attend this event are eligible to submit outline proposals to this call. At this event, the context of the call and the assessment criteria were discussed. There were also opportunities to hear about examples of good practice in cross-disciplinary research and to ask questions. Slides and FAQs from this event are available on this page under "Resources".

Outline proposals are invited from 03 May to 14 June 2017. Following an outline panel on 31 July and 01 August 2017, selected applications will be invited to submit full proposals by 27 September 2017.

Please read the Frequently asked questions for more information.